Connections ... not your normal networking event!
Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator

About Celeste

Celeste Cole is a lively, humorous workshop facilitator who excels at connecting and understanding. Identified by clients and colleagues as an Idea Magnet, she utilizes her understanding of temperament theory, integrates personality styles into the mix to get the best conventional and unconventional ideas from the people involved.

Certified in True Colors™ & Personality Dimensions™, for over 10 years she has worked with entrepreneurs, managers, educators, youth, families and teams to provide facilitation services, consulting and coaching for strategic creativity. This diverse range of clients confirms her belief that an understanding of Personality or temperament theory is invaluable in a range of applications.

With an ability to apply the theories in everyday life, she has been facilitating workshops and consulting individuals since 2000, delivering useable information and understanding “the human factor” with noticeable results.

Clients include international corporations, small business, Boards of Education, professional associations and institutes, non-profit corporations, Chambers of Commerce, Cities, women’s groups, health care, associations and the private sector.

Celeste’s dynamic and engaging style of facilitation promises that workshops will be a significant and enjoyable learning experience.

Celeste has established reputation of being well connected in the networking world.  Data base of 2000 collected over years of networking.  Refreshing Unique and authentic. 

Celeste Cole