Connections ... not your normal networking event!
Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator


“Celeste is an excellent Facilitator and Coordinator at Connections. This was a really great way to get out and network in an unconventional networking environment. Celeste organizes the event so that everyone in attendance has an opportunity to speak about their reasons for attending. It allows for a more intimate setting and thus a lot more sharing of ideas, concepts, contacts, etc.” - Robin McGrath
“I would definitely recommend attending a Connections meeting that Celeste is the facilitator of, because she has a knack of bringing people together who need each others support in discovering what they want to be in business and how to grow their business. Celeste is what I call a ‘connector’. If you ever want to find someone who can help you out, Celeste will know someone or she’ll be able to lead you in the right direction! She is humourous, and fun to work with. All in all attending the connections meeting while informative, was a lot of fun!” - Mandi Neiser, Reverend, Married By Mandi
“A friend of mine invited me to attend Celeste’s group one Wednesday. I was interested and decided to see what it was about. I was not prepared for what happened that evening. Celeste has an ability to connect a group of exceptional women who can provide not only ideas and connections to the products and services they may need, but also an incredible level of positive energy and excitement that is nothing short of contagious. I would highly recommend Celeste and ‘Connections’ to anyone who has a dream and needs some help to get it off the ground. Or even to anyone who just needs some positive input in their business or even their own life. Thanks Celeste.” - Andrée Ansaldo, Life Insurance Specialist
“Celeste has created in Connections an affordable network platform on which women can present issues from both inside and outside their work lives, with no demand for that façade of perfection seen in many networking situations. The un-daunting, manageable goal is to come away with one idea or follow-up — another step on the path, rather than the whole trip. She directs those present to focus in turn on each person’s situation, and is herself a rich well of information gleaned from many by her own genuine interest in what people are doing. Participants take away the solid contacts inevitably formed when women spend an hour and a half encouraging each other.” - Liz Valentine
“Celeste is a warm and caring individual who provides a comfortable environment for those who are wanting to dip their toes gently into the pool of networking. She creates an environment that allows participants to share their business skills without intimidation which leaves one with feelings of acceptance, encouragement and inspiration.” - Carolyn Black, Owner, Rediscover Your Home
“Celeste facilitates a warm, friendly and inviting Networking Group, where women feel comfortable sharing and asking for advice in all areas of Personal and/or Business Development. I would highly recommend Connections for anyone seeking guidance and support along the way.” - Pennie Forma, Hypnotist & Psych K Advanced Facilitator, Circle of Light Wellness Centre
“I went to Celeste’s Connections meeting with bad memories of ‘networking’. That changed after one meeting! What I found in Celeste’s meeting was pure networking at it’s best! People had 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to share their business and what they needed help with. After this time many would give ideas or contact info to the person to help grow their business. Always a productive and inspiring evening of women helping women!! Celeste is the best facilitator I have encountered for this type of forum! The evening is always lively and informative. I would recommend anyone starting out or needing a shot of inspiration to attend the Connections meetings.” - Trudy Chiswell, President, OSCARservice Inc.
“Celeste is a great people person! She understands that business is based on relationships and she is good at building people up and supporting business owners. I have gone to her Connections group on a number of occasions and have always felt that it was valuable and an enjoyable way to connect to other smart business women. Celeste’s giving attitude and positive attitude make her a joy to be associated with.” - Wendy Eustace, Executive Coach, Clarity Coaching & Facilitation
“Celeste is a skillful facilitator. She is able to create a supportive ‘safe’ environment for all participants which encourages everyone to actively engage in the discussions. Her Connections meetings validate the attendee’s ideas and perspectives through feedback, suggestions, and positive criticism when appropriate. Celeste does a great job in connecting people to others with similar needs, talents, and ideas.” - Sherry Snelson, Independent Distributor, NuSkin/Pharmanex
“I have had the pleasure to work with Celeste on several joint partnerships over the last couple of years. She is detail oriented and will work endless hours to see the project is completed to the 100% satisfaction level. If you’re looking to work with a professional, conscientious, committed individual with a great disposition, then I highly recommend Celeste and her company!” - Theresa Syer, CSP, Owner, Syer Hospitality Group Inc.
“Celeste excels at bringing people together and making them feel comfortable in their new roles as entrepreneurs. Her networking meetings are warm, purposeful and thoroughly enjoyable.” - Glenys Figueiredo, Owner, A Word with You Administrative Solutions
“Celeste knows personality! She has a full understanding of the human psyche and what makes them tick. How this has helped us, is to understand our own personality styles and dealing with various personality styles of our clients. It has helped serve us to serve better. To clearly communicate with more ease, interact and best support our clients in the most effective manner. Celeste brought this understanding to us through various workshops, one-on-one consulting and ongoing support through mastermind interaction. She is an amazing networker, and if you are looking for a particular person to connect with (in your interest field) Celeste knows who to connect you with. Keep up the great work, we appreciate your expertise in the Entreprenuer environment.” - Jemma Fong
Celeste Cole