Connections ... not your normal networking event!
Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator

Connections Network

“It takes more than luck, smarts and a good address to be successful these days. Success begins when we develop relationships with the kind of people who can help us achieve our goals either by teaching us or by cheering us on.”
- Barbara Sher

Networking is an essential component of any successful business.

As entrepreneurs we are passionate about our product or service but we don’t necessarily enjoy the process of networking.  Attending events with large numbers and little or no format can be uncomfortable and awkward.

What people tell me they like about Connections is; the small sized gatherings remove the need for social masks which get in the way of effective networking.  Having the meeting facilitated sets participants up for success with social interaction and relationship building.

Entrepreneurs need ideas, insights and solutions for growing their business, and there is nothing better than a good brainstorming session with like-minded people.

Celeste Cole