Connections ... not your normal networking event!
Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator

Personality Dimensions Individual Consultation (Colour Type)

Your Personality is as individual as your finger print!

Our 1 hour individual consultations help Entrepreneurs, managers, and parents understand the different value systems to engage their target market and provide the best customer service they can.

Unlike complicated clinical personality temperament systems our 1 hour consultations offer you the opportunity to experience the accuracy of the information. You will discover the value immediately in your Life Values, Relationships, Communications and At work.

You will see improved effectiveness in:

  • Understanding your target Market
  • Personal and Professional communications
  • Management and leadership
  • Motivating and influencing others
  • Sales and customer service
  • Presentation skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Handling workplace stress and conflict
  • Relationships and parenting
  • Job search and career management

What colour type are you?

We each possess a unique and winning combination of talents that define our personality with various strengths, challenges and values.

Inquiring Green: life’s visionairies. The part of you that creates

Organizing Gold: life’s planners. The responsible part of you

Authentic Blue: life’s communicators. The part of you that relates and cares

Resourceful Orange: life’s stress busters. The part of you that takes action

Celeste Cole