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Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator

Keynote & Lunch n Learn

If you are a business owner- Team manager or communicating with others is an important component of your work; Personality Dimensions could be your best friend.

These 45 and/or 90 minute presentations of Personality Dimensions will introduce the audience how to recognize personal values, identify different behaviours and will help you incorporate these skills to promote your success. Managing your strengths will improve your self esteem, increase your results and sky rocket your productivity!

  • Topic will primarily consist of an introduction to Personality dimensions. This will combine an appreciation of positive attributes and an ability to honor our differences.
  • General overview of the 4 Personality Styles:
    • How each style differs
    • What’s most important to each style?
    • How to identify each style by simply observing them
    • Words in and not in their vocabulary
    • What they look for in us…as a team member
    • How to adapt to each style and how each of them wants to be treated.

Your assistance in providing specific scenarios that your team experiences will enable the opportunity to speak directly to how ‘colours’ can be an added value in their role.

Retired teachers keynote April, 2010

Retired teachers keynote April, 2010

Celeste Cole