Connections ... not your normal networking event!
Celeste Cole, Certified Facilitator

Personality Dimensions Workshops

Your Personality is as individual as your finger print!

Our 3 hour workshop offers a non-threatening, interactive approach to helping individuals understand their own behaviours, skills, needs and motivations, as well as those of the people they interact with.  It is effective because it is interactive; everyone gets involved – while having fun!

This model is an entertaining, highly interactive and informative communication tool. You can feel confident that we will cover material that will be of benefit to the attendees, and that your time and money will be well invested.

General discussions of the 4 Personality Styles include:

  • How each style differs.
  • What’s most important to each style?
  • How to identify each style by simply observing them.
  • Which ‘style’ you are.
  • Words in and not in their vocabulary.
  • How to adapt to each style and how each of them wants to be treated.

Our workshops provide a self-assessment tool that explains what motivates positive attitudes and behaviours in different personalities. It has proven to aid in increased cooperation and communication, spurring motivation and clearing the way to higher achievements and success.  It is effective because everyone gets involved, while having fun.

Participants who have gone through the model, have shared with us the benefits they received from attending our workshop:

  • Increase cooperation, enhance team building and improve the quality of communication
  • Help participants recognize and adapt to the different styles of their friends, parents and teachers
  • Participants develop new skills that can be applied immediately with noticeable results.
  • People leave the workshop feeling good about themselves and a comfort knowing there are others in the world with the same values and perspectives.
Celeste Cole